We’re growing confident leaders & creative thinkers through virtual, show-stopping theatre experiences.

We’re a driven group of young women, tied together through our passion for theatre. We’ve pursued an array of paths: stage acting, film acting, business, and psychology. But, it all started with childhood theatre, and blissful hours of after-school rehearsals. Now, we hope to use theatre to cultivate confidence and determination in kids, just as it once did for us. Through our programs, we hope to energize young people, providing the community and skills to unleash the brightest version of them that they can be. 

We’re offering an array of 2-week sessions for upper-elementary and middle school kids. Whether they love writing, performing, or dancing to the beat of their own drum, we have a program ripe for their making.

 If anyone can make magic out of these trying times, it’s theatre makers. While “virtual camps” are unprecedented, we see them as an opportunity to really let kids’ creativity go wild. How many ways can they tell stories through video? What worlds can they invent within their bedrooms? Now more than ever, theatre is an outlet to let kids’ shine. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get On with the Show!